Re-start of English club

Last Thursday the first meeting of English Club was held at International Department. It was organized by staff of International Department together with two English teachers from the USA Kathryne Bascom and Victoria Pardini. Over 50 students and University staff, who wanted to practice spoken English, joined the meeting.

All the participants were divided into three groups according to their level in English: beginner, medium, advanced. The meeting was arranged in a form of a game: first everybody should tell three facts about themselves – two are true and one is wrong. The others needed to guess which fact was a lie. After that they did milling activity and at the same time got to know each other’s hobbies and way of life. It goes without saying, all the participants used the English language for communication.

USTU international students, who started learning Russian recently, took part in the meeting as well. Some of the international guests are English native speakers, so they helped the Russian students to speak English.

Everyone, who is eager to speak English fluently, is welcome to join the English Club every Thursday at 5 pm at International Department (room 321/1 А). It is absolutely free of charge. The main organizers: English teachers from the USA Kathryne Bascom and Victoria Pardini and staff of International Department.