A Fulbrighter at USTU

Every year USTU invites guests from all over Russia and around the world, who are eager to present opportunities for our students to study abroad using international programs.

Yesterday the university was visited by Oxana Agapova, a representative from the The Fulbright Program in Russia. She gave a presentation on opportunities for USTU students, postgraduate students, English teachers, professors, and staff of the International Department to study, have internship and work abroad.

Apart from Oxana’s main mission at USTU, she had a glance at the university personalized classrooms, museum and the most remarkable parts of the town of Ukhta. To our regret, Oxana couldn’t stay at USTU longer than a day, because she needed to continue her trip to Syktyvkar, the capital of the Komi Republic.

However, being pressed for time Oxana managed to meet our current Fulbrighters form the USA – Katie Bascom and Victoria Pardini – who have been having their internship at USTU since September last year. Later she joined the English club headed by two American girls and personally made sure that the Fulbright program really works and could be very useful for both foreign guests and local students and teachers.


Сhanged: 15 April, 2016 - 10:01