The student exchange in Norwegian style

Over the past few years Ukhta University has been actively participating in the academic exchange program "Barents Plus". "Barents Plus" is a program to provide scholarships for universities in the framework of cooperation of the Norwegian and Russian part of the Barents Region. This cooperation is directed not only on the development of qualifications in higher education in the Barents region, but on a deeper study of the culture of the neighboring countries, as well as to strengthen the knowledge of their own cultural features of the participating countries.

USTU student Yevgeniy Papich, who at the moment is trained for 4 course on specialty "Technology of geological exploration" returned  from this fascinating journey in the beautiful country of mountains and fjords recently. Yevgeniy, who was lucky to take part in the exchange program "Barents Plus", visited the University of Tromsø (Norway) during the fall semester. Impressions from the trip were the most vivid and eventful. Here is how he describes his trip:

"As I am a student, I was especially interested in education, which is markedly different from ours. Here, every student has the right to choose what to study. I took the following subjects: marine geology, politics and culture of Norway. The training program was intense and varied: lectures, seminars, excursions and trips to museums. In our free time we had barbecue parties in the open air just a stone's throw from the Norwegian Sea, were cycling and hiking in the mountains overnight. All this will remain in my memory for a long time.

I believe that the student exchanges are invaluable experience to broaden horizons, learn about a new country and its culture, improve language skills and make friends from over the world. The internship in Norway all this; and I am grateful to my University for giving me this opportunity".

More detailed information about the program "Barents Plus" and to apply for it you can at: