Graduation Ceremony 2017 at Ukhta State Technical University

On Saturday, June 24, 2017, Ukhta State Technical University hosted a solemn graduation ceremony for the 2017 graduates of USTU awarding them with diplomas on higher and secondary vocational education. The ceremony was held at the educational-sports complex "Burevestnik" of USTU.

1580 students received diplomas of specialists, bachelors and masters of the Institute of Geology, Oil, and Gas Production and Pipeline Transport, the Building Technology Institute, the Institute of Economics, Management and Information Technologies, the Industrial University Institute. 113 graduates received Red diplomas (with honour).

Welcoming the graduates of Ukhta State Technical University, the rector, Professor N. D. Tskhadaya stated: "This year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Ukhta Industrial Institute. Imagine only: this is the period of the change of two generations! Not only your fathers, but also your grandfathers could get an education at our university, and for sure in the hall, there are those in whose families are such dynasties. I really want you to feel this succession, this powerful foundation, this support of your predecessors, who built the world of our university, when speaking of yourself as graduates of the USTU".

According to the rector, today, graduates become conductors of the university lifestyle already outside the alma mater. Only by maintaining the attitude to constant intellectual development, for future personal growth, future specialists will be able to live a full, truly meaningful life, thereby making the life of people, the life of their town, their republic and country richer. Nikolay Denisovich wished the graduates: “Dream, dare, and let the joyous excitement that you are experiencing at these moments, be your companion later”.

The ceremony continued with the march of the column of graduates through the streets of the town and traditional photography on the stairs of the KiO Park.