The intern from Finland at USTU

Today, on 15th August, 2017, a Finnish citizen, Söyrinki Siiri Meri arrived in Ukhta. For three months (August-November, 2017) she will be trained at the international department of USTU.

In January 2017, the international department prepared and sent an application for a grant to the Finnish National Agency for Education CIMO to attract an intern from Finland. In May 2017, the application was approved, which resulted in the arrival of an intern.

At the moment, Siiri is studying at the Helsinki University in the Master's program, direction Environmental Science, Environmental Change and Policy.

This is not her first visit to Russia. Two years ago (from September, 2015 to June, 2016) Siiri studied ecology and the Russian language at the Moscow State University under the student exchange program. In addition to basic knowledge in Russian, Siiri also speaks Finnish (mother tongue), English and Swedish.

The scope of work for the intern from Finland at the international department is large: work with both international and Russian students, organizing events within the framework of the welcome week for new international students, interacting with foreign universities and companies, promoting USTU on the Internet and much more. But one of the main goals is to learn more about Finland, get acquainted with the basics of the Finnish language and practice it with a carrier, and establish new promising links with Finland's universities in the future.

Undoubtedly, this internship will be useful for Siiri as well. She will once again plunge into the environment of Russian culture, practice her Russian language, find new friends and, of course, gain experience in an educational institution.