Day of Knowledge at USTU

Every time while writing an article about any event we used to describe it the way we see it. This time we have decided to change the format and let our intern Siiri share her impressions about the Day of Knowledge at USTU with you. This is what she would like to tell you:

"1st September signifies the end of summer, but instead of sadness it is celebrated as the Day of Knowledge everywhere in Russia. It marks the beginning of the school year and the end of holidays for students. At Ukhta State Technical University students gather in sports complex "Burevestnik" to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year. At 9.30 am at the front of the sports complex is crowded. For new students the event starts with finding a sign board with the name of the chosen specialty and meeting fellow students for the first time outside of the sports complex.

Sports complex was decorated for the celebration with banners, posters and balloons. Music was played in the background while students and university staff were making themselves comfortable on their seats. Air was filled with nervousness and excitement as the first year students were showed to their places and get ready to be welcomed to university. When everything was ready directors and guests were led to the stage to open the event. Celebration began with national anthem, anthem of the Republic of Komi and song of USTU, while students were raising the flags to honor the occasion. Then it was time for speeches.

Director of university greeted the new students and wishes everyone a happy day of knowledge. Dignitaries gave speeches to congratulate students on their choice and wishing them good luck in their studies. Finally, directors rang the first bells for the students to signify the beginning of the school year. Before students left to explore their campuses, they were photographed with their study group to commemorate their first day as university students.

The opening celebration reminded me of my first day in university five years ago, though the opening celebrations in Finland are quite different. Nevertheless, the feelings of excitement, nervousness and pride are universal. After all, the first day of university is not only a first day in a new school; it is also a beginning of a new era with new friends and challenges".