Finnish Club: Discover Finland

For the first time in the history of USTU there is finally a chance to get to know Finland, land of heavy music, silence, ice hockey and salmiakki. With the beginning of school year, the first Finnish club was launched on 7th September, 2017, at 5 pm at the international department of USTU (office 321/1 "A").

In the spirit of the last year’s English club, the Finnish club offers an opportunity to practice English skills, learn about new culture and meet new people. The Finnish club is also a chance to spot a real Finn outside of her natural habitat. Organizers of the Finnish club are the International Department and its Finnish intern Siiri, who arrived in Ukhta about three weeks ago for three-month internship. Currently Siiri studies Ecology at the University of Helsinki and expert in all things Finnish.

People, who are interested in Finland, can now discover new things about Finland by joining the Finnish club every Thursday at 5 pm at the international department. During ten meetings the Finnish club will introduce Finnish music, food, literature and customs.  It is an excellent chance to practice English and learn a secret language of Finnish so you can impress Finns all over the world. It should be noted, that the club meetings are arranged in informal setting, and the fascinating world of Finland is discovered through discussions, games, friendly atmosphere and taste of salmiakki.