Welcome back, Nicholas!

Nicholas Ourusoff is no stranger to the USTU community. He is an American lecturer of Russian origin who teaches at the department of computer science, information systems and technologies of the university.

Among the international students, Nicholas is well known for his willingness to assist and his memorable participation in the Christmas party at Krokhal in 2016. His role specifically in the mannequin challenge and carol singing made his presence enjoyable. Among the Russian computer science students, he as the lecturer who teaches them in English, makes him memorable as well to them.

On Monday 4th of September, Nicholas Ourusoff arrived in Ukhta from the United States of America and this time we managed to know more about Nicholas, and what draws him to Ukhta despite having retired from teaching.

Nicholas may be an American but he grew up well acquainted to the Russian culture and language, particularly drawn to the Russian arts. His interest was initially sparked by his family during his childhood and when he visited Russia to teach in the 90s, it developed and exposured to the Arts in Ukhta and other Russian cities have been enjoyable for him.

Nicholas first visited Ukhta in 2014 through the Fullbright program and has returned several times after the initial visit. He noted how he felt supported by the department during his first visit and how the help and assistance of the university draws him back despite his retirement. Nicholas has been teaching at the IT department of the university in English and sharing his knowledge on programs such as Java and his own developed software. During his visit Nicholas will continue his work in the department of computer science, information systems and technologies.

Nicholas enjoys the convenience in Ukhta in relation to the transport system and the availability of supermarkets. He has enjoyed some activities in Ukhta including skating and visiting the public swimming pool and hopes to continue discovering and exploring Ukhta.

We welcome back Nicholas and hope he enjoys this particular visit and joins us again soon.