Study Russian again!

On 5th October, 2017, the international department hosted the opening ceremony of the preparatory course, the main goal of which is to train international students who come to USTU from the far abroad countries and to prepare them for entering the university to continue their study at bachelor's and master's programs.

For the fourth time the international department is recruiting international students for a preparatory course, which will last until the middle of summer 2018. In the current academic year, two groups of international students will be taught in the preparatory course. If the first group has already started the Russian language classes, the second group will begin training upon the arrival of all students of the second group, approximately by the beginning of November 2017.

The first group of international students consists of 9 people representing 6 countries: Zimbabwe, Ghana, Sudan, Nigeria, Congo and Turkey.
More information about the preparatory course of USTU can be found at: