The final day of the inter from Finland at the international department

On 10th November, 2017, at a regular meeting of the English Club a farewell meeting with the intern of the international department, citizen of Finland Soyrinki Siiri Meri was held.

During the internship (from 16th August, 2017 to 10th November, 2017), Siiri performed the following functions at the international department:

  • Work with newinternational students;
  • Organization of events for the welcome week;
  • Interaction with foreign universities and companies;
  • Participation in the work of promoting the university on the Internet (the English version of the university's website, social network);
  • Organization and holding of international meetings;
  • Visiting of scientific and cultural events of the University.

In addition, Siiri was involved in organizing and holding the Finnish Club, where she told the club members about her country, traditions and taught the basics of the Finnish language. Club meetings were held once a week. She was also involved in the Department of Ecology, Land and Nature Management. On 16th October, 2017 Siiri held a seminar for students and teachers of the department. The seminar was devoted to global warming in the energy sector in Finland.

On 20th October, 2017 Siiri met with the students of the school No. 16, and later - with the students on the program "Foreign Language in the Sphere of Professional Communication". The purpose of the meetings was to create a natural situation for practicing English.

On 30th October, 2017 Siiri together with USTU students took part in the work of the republican forum "We are Russians. The common destiny is a single union ", which was held in the village of Yb Syktyvdinskiy district.

It is worth noting that the help of Siiri as an intern of the international department was significant, especially in the work of targeting newly arrived international students in Ukhta.

On 10th November, 2017 Siiri's internship came to an end, and on 11th November, 2017 she left Ukhta, and later Russia.