The USTU swimming pool is now open!

On 26th December, 2017 one of the most significant events - opening of the USTU swimming pool - was held. The construction, which lasted for two years, came to an end. On the opening day, the first competitions among students were organized.

The construction began in 2015. The Russia party "Edinaya Rossiya" allocated 130 million rubles to the sports facility in the framework of the program "500 swimming pools for universities". The rector of the USTU Nikolay Tskhadaya notes that his own pool will let reaching new tops: "We pay the most attention to physical education and sport, this pool is one of the proofs. This is another facet of our development in sport. I think that there will be new records here".

The sports complex is equipped with a swimming pool with a bathtub of 25 to 11 meters, a sports hall and a sauna. The area of ​​all premises is more than two thousand square meters. Ukhta coaches and young athletes admit that they were very much waiting for the opening of the complex, they needed just such a training ground.

During the construction, new engineering solutions were used: a bath with a special metal coating to simplify the cleaning of the pool, as well as a closed system in order not to waste water. There is no doubt that the new pool will be useful not only for the university, but also for the town.