Another Fulbright experience

Ukhta State Technical University yet again opens its doors to the world, and the guest this time around is Dr. Scott de Francesco, he’s an American professor from New York who specializes in strategic communications, public relations and advertising.
It’s safe to say he’s on a mission to spread knowledge in his area of specialty, he has a long list of universities he’s taught at and done freelance work  all over the world including Australia, England,China and now Russia. Currently, he is an associate professor of communications at Quinnipiac University, Connecticut.

This is not his first visit to Russia, even though his first visit was 4 years ago and he only spent a few days in St. Petersburg city. He is fluent in a number of foreign languages, but unfortunately he doesn’t speak the Russian language and he hopes to learn a few words of the Russian language within the short period of time he’ll be here. He’s scheduled to spend a whole month here in Ukhta.

And within 30 days he’s going to be organizing classes, workshops, seminars and conferences for the Public relations and advertising department of the university and he’ll also be helping the university as a whole in terms of branding, recruitment and advertising.

In just a week of him being in Ukhta he’s beginning to get the full Russian experience, he has visited the state museum, had a tour of the university and key buildings, business incubator, the university sports complex, the newly commissioned university pool, and the mining and petroleum college  which houses laboratories and equipment used in the oil and gas sphere. He was also part of the jury in a recent educational conference at the university.

Dr. Scott de Francesco couldn’t help but notice Ukhta State Technical University almost shares the same curriculum in “Public relations and advertising” as universities in the United States and is ready and willing to give ideas to enhance offerings of the department.