Internship of a Doctor of Sciences from the United States at USTU

Within the period of April 22 to May 20, 2018, Ukhta State Technical University was visited by Dr. Scott De Francesco an associate Professor of communications at the Department of communications at the University of Quinnipiac, Connecticut (USA).

Scott has worked in major educational institutions in Europe, Australia and the USA and does freelance work for companies in China. The main profile of his activity is teaching in the field of advertising, PR and strategic communications.

The whole month for the American doctor of science was very productive. During the first week he managed to visit all the places of interest at our University, including a new training ground at the Mining and Petroleum College, a newly commissioned swimming pool and the university owned business incubator. He also had a tour through the sports complex "Burevestnik".

In addition, Dr. Scott de Francesco has established a strong relationship with the Department of social and communication technologies of "Advertising and public relations" through several open seminars and conferences where he explained the concept of branding and advertising, as well as gave useful advice to improve the advertising promotion of Ukhta State Technical University. The last seminar discussed the possible continuation of cooperation after Dr. Scott's departure.

Dr. Scott is quite an active person, he attend a handful of events organized by the university like the yearly educational conference (where he was on a judging panel), the English Club, the parade dedicated to the celebration of 1st May (Labour Day).

Scott managed to make new acquaintances among the teaching staff and students whilst attending an event called "very sweet evening of advertising", held on 16th May at the business incubator, where he was invited as a guest of honor and the jury in the competition for the best slogan for Ukhta State Technical University to attract international students.

On 17th May he met G. V. Korshunov, an adviser to the rector's office and also the Vice Rector for external affairs, in order to outline further ways of cooperation between USTU and the University where Scott works as a professor.

 Dr. Scott left Ukhta on 20th May and went on a well-deserved vacation trip to Italy to gain more strength for his next official trip to China.