Visit of a lecturer of SPE Dr. See Hong Ong from Malaysia

On Monday, 21st May 2018, Ukhta State Technical University was visited by Dr. See Hong Ong an outstanding lecturer of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) of the oil and gas service company Baker Hughes. Dr. Ong was born in Malaysia and studied at the University of Oklahoma USA, where he graduated with a Bachelor's and Master's degree and received a Doctorate Degree in petroleum engineering.

He has more than 30 years of experience in the oil industry. Dr. See Hong Ong spent 18 years of his professional career as a consultant on various technical and management opportunities with oil and gas company Baker Hughes and 17 years with PETRONAS, where he carried out operational and management activities. He is a member of many technical program Committees at SPE, and has recently received the Regional Technical Award in Drilling Engineering. Ukhta State Technical University was one of three universities in Russia chosen by SPE for Dr. See to visit while on his seminar tour. 

Dr. See Hong Ong visited USTU to show and discuss his research on the topic: "How the integration of geomechanics principles with drilling practice increases the efficiency of well construction with large bottom-hole waste from the vertical". The lecture was held in the big physical auditorium, where there were both students from the Department of Drilling, and representatives of local companies.

The lecture was also broadcasted live on the university website. A lecturer in the Department of Drilling of the university translated his materials for the seminar into the Russian Language so that no important information remained unclear. At the end of the lecture, students and representatives of companies asked questions, talked to the lecturer and a group picture was taken to remember his visit. Without doubt, the seminar was very productive.

Within the short period of his visit Dr. See had a tour through the Mining and Petroleum College, the main building of the University and its Laboratories and classrooms. Dr. See rounded up his visit with an excursion of the University Museum where he learnt more about the town and its oil discovery origins.