Another Finnish expedition at USTU

On the 9th of September 2018 a Finnish intern Marjanah Sadiq arrived at the Ukhta Airport to begin her internship journey at USTU, her internship is at the International department of the university, duration of 3 months (from September to November).

Marjanah is a Finnish citizen who is here to gain more knowledge for her Master’s Degree Thesis, she is a graduate student of the Helsinki University, and Marjanah speaks and understands a handful foreign language like Russian, Finnish, Swedish, English, and French.

Marjanah holds Bachelors of Arts degree, from the University of Helsinki. She graduated in June 2016. Currently, she is a Master of Arts degree student and at the same time, participating Master’s school of Russian and Eastern European Expertise Studies, at the University of Helsinki. She is currently working as COO at a Finnish Education Technology Startup called “Shoulders of Giants of Oy”.

This is the second time USTU is being graced by the presence of a Finnish student, and our previous Finnish intern Söyrinki Siiri Meri is also an acquaintance of Marjanah, and she definitely had a great time at USTU and she was glad that Marjanah chose USTU.

Marjanah has been to Russia before but she has never been to the northern region of Russia, she is eager to learn more about the Komi culture and history.

Marjanah will be assisting the University as whole in her own area of expertise and as well her coordinating the new batch of the preparatory course students.