Visit of a SPE Distinguished Lecturer L.W. (Roy) Ledgerwood III

Within the framework of cooperation between Ukhta University and the world society of petroleum engineers SPE, guest lectures of the world's leading experts in various fields of the oil and gas industry are organized on a regular basis. On 17th October at USTU was an open lecture which given by the American lecturer Ledgerwood Leroy Williams III. The theme of the lecture: "Solving the mystery of low rate of penetration in deep wells". The presentation considered the detective story of the development of models that try to explain the low rate of penetration when drilling deep wells.

Then the modern idea of rock destruction during drilling was presented. The current problems facing geo-mechanics are identified. The presentation is a call for further research in this area. The lecture was attended by ustu lecturers and students. Online broadcasting was also organized on the ustu website. At the end of the lecture, students were able to talk with an American guest. The meeting was quite productive.

Ledgerwood Leroy Williams III – a distinguished lecturer at the society of petroleum engineers (SPE), works at oil and gas service company Baker Hughes. He lives in Texas, worked in the laboratory, engaged in research in the field of drilling for 42 years.

Ledgerwood Leroy Williams III visited the site of the mining and oil College and the USTU museum, he also got an organized tour of the main building of the university including laboratories, auditoriums and classrooms.