Gazprom museum tour

On the19th of November 2018, the 2018/2019 set of the preparatory course at USTU had the pleasure of having an excursion at the Gazprom museum (exhibition halls) in Ukhta city. The excursion was a completely new level of a study trip for the students who were not fully familiar with the basics of oil and gas industry, oil and gas extraction and the early oil and natural gas discovery expedition.

Evgenia Karnachyova  who is a Gazprom employee gave a tour of the exhibition halls; the head teachers of the Russian language study groups Nadezhda Konstantinovna and Elena Andreevna were also present to make the excursion more of a study trip, Adebiyi Azeez who is an intern at the International department of USTU also translated the numerous information into English in order for the students to get a full experience of the trip.

The exhibition halls had everything from videos and functioning models of maps, equipment and a few simulations to help the students get more insight into what it’s like being out in the field and how gas is being transported nationwide and worldwide.

The excursion ranged from using the interaction enabled screens to get familiar with the main milestones in the history of the Company, the gas industry of the Republic of Komi and the country as a whole, about past and recent Gazprom administrative board, view oil and gas related pictures (both old and recent), and to playing interactive games.

The students had an opportunity to feel what it is like being a pilot of the legendary MI-8 helicopter and make an imaginary flight over the gas pipeline route in the area of production responsibility of the enterprise. The students also got an insight into how Gazprom was a key partner of USTU and the city of Ukhta as a whole. The excursion ended with a few questions from the students and a photo session.