USTU welcomes an intern from the Czech Republic

On December 27, 2018 a student from Masaryk University (Brno) Maria Lukeshova arrived in Ukhta city for her internship program, Maria’s internship program will last until the end of June 2019 and will be interning at the International department of USTU, also working with the preparatory department, and she’ll also be attending some class at the "Public relations and Advertising department at USTU".

Maria is currently a student at the faculty of Arts at Masaryk University. The main task of Maria during her internship period at USTU is conducting classes in Russian language for foreign students of the preparatory course (a couple of hours every day).

The scope of work for the Intern from the Czech Republic at the International department is broad, and it ranges from: teaching Russian as a foreign language (pedagogical training), working with both foreign and Russian students, interaction with foreign universities and companies, working to promote USTU on an International scale.

Thanks to this internship, Maria will delve into the Russian culture, practice her Russian language, make new friends and most importantly gain new experiences and skills of interaction and work in an intercultural and international environment.