Preparatory course end of the year meeting

On the 27th of December 2018, the International Department of USTU organized a meeting for the 2018/2019 preparatory course set, the meeting was themed a “Support meeting”. The meeting was comprised of the students of the 2018/2029 set, the Russian language lecturers and the International department team. The main reason for setting up the meeting was to prepare the students for the next 5 months of their study at USTU in the preparatory course, which entails having their documents up to date, preparing for their entrance exams and their Russian language exams.

The meeting also delved into the enquiries on how their stay in Russia has been so far, the students had lots of questions ranging from studying a degree course at USTU(Bachelors and Masters), getting a job, more extra-curricular activities and the International department was able to give the necessary answers. The meeting was also to prep them for the upcoming year and to share more ideas on how to make their stay in Russia more productive.