Exchange Training in Norway

Three students from Ukhta State Technical University began their studies at universities in Norway in early 2019. This became possible thanks to the cooperation of the USTU with the Norwegian partners in the framework of the development programs of the Norwegian-Russian cooperation "Barents Plus" and the Erasmus + program.

Danil Matveyev, a 2nd year undergraduate student at the Construction and Technological Institute, is studying at the University of Tromso - Arctic University, Norway, as part of the Barents Plus program of academic mobility development. Nikita Degtev and Amaglobeli Endzel, undergraduates of the 1st year of the Institute of Economics, Management and Information Technology, are studying at the North University according to the terms of the Erasmus + program.

USTU students will be trained in exchange for the entire semester - from January to June 2019 - in various specialized and additional disciplines of their choice. In addition, Norwegian universities offer an extensive additional program aimed at comprehensive development and immersion in university life.

If you also think about the possibility of exchange training, you can now apply for participation in the Barents Plus program. More detailed information can be found in the International Department of the USTU.