USTU in the list of the most influence universities in the world by THE University Impact Rankings 2019

Ukhta State Technical University has entered the ranking of the most influential world universities according to the Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings 2019, which compares educational institutions on the basis of achieving the United Nations goals in the field of sustainable development. The social and economic impact ranking of universities covers more than 500 institutions of higher education from all over the world who have submitted their data for THE.

Ukhta State Technical University took the 301+ place together with such Russian universities as Moscow State Technical University named after N. Bauman, Nizhny Novgorod State University and Novosibirsk State Technical University.

This result is based on scaled and pre-rounded performance on Sustainable Development Goal 17 - Partnership for the Goals, and top three SDGs: Partnership for the goals (201+ place), Reducing inequalities 2019 (92 place), Quality education 2019 (101-200 place), Sustainable Cities and Communities (201+ place).

The results of this ranking provide an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of an educational institution in the field of sustainable development in the economic, social and environmental spheres on a global scale. The obtained results allow the USTU to draw a conclusion about the high efficiency of activities aimed at achieving the set strategic goals.

A more detailed description of the rating and position of Ukhta State Technical University is available on the official website of The University Impact Rankings 2019: link.