USTU lecturers as guest lecturers in Serbia

Two of USTU lecturers were guest lecturers at a university in Serbia, they led a couple of lectures with students of Novi Sad university (Mihajlo Pupin Technical Faculty) courtesy of the joint international educational program "Industrial engineer of oil and gas", which Ukhta State Technical University partnered with NIS Oil industry of Serbia and the Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" of Novi Sad University (Serbia) to bring the program to reality.

Ukhta State Technical University lecturers are guest lecturers annually at Serbian universities where they give lectures in various technical disciplines. The most recent guest lecturers are Associate Professor of development and operation of oil and gas fields and underground hydromechanics, Candidate of technical Sciences Mr. Evgeny L. Poluboyartsev with a set of lectures on the discipline "Underground hydromechanics" and Candidate of technical Sciences, Associate Professor of "Machinery and equipment of the oil and gas industry" Evgeny S. Yushin with a course of lectures on the discipline "Overhaul of wells".

They were both guest lecturers at the Serbian university within the period of 6 days “14th of April till the 20th of April 2019”.