Celebrating the month of "Institute of Geology of oil and gas production and pipeline transport" at USTU

The whole of April 2019 at Ukhta state technical University was dedicated to the Institute of Geology, oil and gas production and pipeline transport department. Various events were organized. The organizers introduced students to the activities of their Institute in a creative way. The month began with "Week of geological museums" for schoolchildren, students and residents of the city, which was held on the eve of the Day of the geologist – in 2019 it was be celebrated for the 53rd time.

From the 1st till the 6th April all the museums in Ukhta city were open to the public “with extensive excursions”. The event was intended to popularize the science of Geology in the youth environment. Students learned about the geological structure of the Earth, physical and chemical processes occurring in the earth's crust, composition and properties of minerals, joined such Sciences as Mineralogy and paleontology.

On 11 April at the business incubator of USTU was an intellectually entertaining game "CosmoBattle". Its participants were able to show off erudition in all sorts of areas – such as General knowledge, music, movies, history, news and, of course, space! The game included six rounds of seven questions each. Leaders changed with each stage of the game. A team of staff and teachers of the Institute of economics, management and information technologies, who eventually won, attended the event!

April 15 at the USTU sports complex "Burevestnik" hosted an exciting event – "Flight across the galaxy ", team fun among the students of the Institute. This event complemented the tradition of annual sports relay races, in which the champion had to defend his title. The guests enjoyed classical and modern music in a live performance. Employees and teachers of the departments also could not stay away and took part in a few races.

The rest of the month compromised of different form of fun and intellectual events ranging from:

  • Water sports competition, which was held in the swimming pool at the recently commissioned sports complex.
  • Geology knowledge based competition amongst 1st and 3rd year students of the university
  • A friendly volleyball match which comprised of students/graduates/lecturers of the department.
  • The sixth annual “Cold games” took place as well in honor of the department, where students put their team spirits to the test.
  • Movie night was held at the Business incubator at USTU where students watched the “Guardians of the galaxy” movies

The month was rounded up with an open event at the congress hall of USTU, the event featured speeches from distinguished guests followed by music and dance performances.