Czech student completes her internship with USTU

On May 17, 2019, Maria Lukesova an undergraduate student from Czech Republic completed her internship course with the International department of USTU.

Maria arrived in late December in Ukhta from Masaryk University (Czech Republic, Brno) for an internship in the International department and conducting classes for foreign students in the Russian language in the preparatory department. Masaryk University is among the top five universities in the Czech Republic. Maria is studying at the faculty of arts at Masaryk University.

Maria has experience with studying and interning abroad as she previously interned for two weeks at a university in Ukraine in 2017, she was an exchange student at a few Russian universities (Nizhny Novgorod and Yaroslavl). Maria has repeatedly visited Ukhta and decided to take an internship in the International Department of USTU under the Freemovers scholarship program.

During the internship, Maria was acquainted with the principles of the educational process at USTU, methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language to foreign students of the 2018/2019 preparatory course at USTU. Maria also met with the 1st year undergrads studying "Advertising and public relations". At the meeting, Maria spoke about a small European country – the Czech Republic, the historical heir of the three States. She emphasizes on the differences between the Czech educational system and the Russian educational system.

The scope of Maria’s work was broad, and it ranged from teaching Russian as a foreign language (pedagogical training), working with both foreign and Russian students, cooperation with foreign universities and companies.

Thanks to the internship, Maria plunged into the environment of Russian culture, practiced communication in Russian language, made new friends and, of course, gained experience and new skills of interaction and work in an intercultural and international environment.