Exchange Education in Norway Under the Erasmus+ Program, part 2

We continue to publish personal impressions of USTU students - participants of the Erasmus+ Program. Endzela Amaglobeli (1st year master’s student in Management): “In winter 2019, I began my studies at Nord University in Bodo under the Erasmus+ Program. The university provides a wide range of courses and the freedom to choose a field of activity. For me personally, the most important subjects were those that could complement and expand my education in Russia."

"During the semester, I took courses in “Fundamentals of Energy Business Management”, “Circular Economy”, “Geopolitics”, and “International governance in High North”. I must say that although the education system differs from the Russian one, it was simply to integrate into it. At first, when difficulties arose, the curators were always ready to help in solving any issue.

In April, the international conference “High North Dialogue” was held in Bodo. During this event, student teams prepared reports and spoke with them in front of a huge audience. During the conference, volunteers and participants maintained a friendly, but at the same time constructive scientific atmosphere. All teams were international, that helped to establish contact with representatives from Italy, France, China, etc. Our team took first place and earned the right to speak in the main part of the conference to politicians, various scientists and cultural workers.

I would like to note that not all my time at the Nord University was devoted to education. I traveled a lot in Norway, studied the country, its culture and traditions. I highly appreciate the experience of personal participation in the Erasmus+ Program, it helped me to develop my personal qualities, improve my English skills, and, of course, significantly expand my knowledge and understanding of my future profession. ”