The first group of the 2019/2020 preparatory course begins

On the 19th of September the international Department of USTU officially began the study year for preparatory course.  Just like every year students from diverse countries applied to study at USTU  including students from Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Senegal and South Sudan.

During the first lesson students received a handful of advices and recommendations on how to make the best of their stay in Russia from old students Adebiyi Azeez Adeshola (4th year student from Nigeria) and Nelson Kumaga (3rd year student from Ghana) , then they moved on to officially meet their main Russian language teacher Nadezhda Svirchevskaya who will be teaching them the basics of the spoken language the next year and help them adapt to the new environment with foreign traditions.

From the first minutes of the meeting Nadezhda Svirchevskaya began to acquaint her future students with the Russian language.  The acquaintance took place in an interactive game form, easily and naturally which lightened the mood enough for the students to begin the journey to learning the beautiful language.

Representatives of the International Department including the visiting Fulbright lecturers from the USA wished the students of the preparatory faculty a great school year and advised them to be patient, hardworking and not afraid to communicate with native speakers of the Russian language, who are always ready to help in their difficult path to the development of the Russian language and having great experience being a resident of the Russian federation.