Meeting at the student day

January 24, a meeting of the student asset of Ukhta State Technical University with the leadership of the university took place in a business incubator. The meeting with the acting rector of the university Ruslan Aginei launched the two-day program for celebrating Tatyana’s day.

Welcoming students and colleagues, Ruslan Aginei noted that the Day of Russian Studentship is a holiday that organically combines the spiritual and the secular, everyday and high - and all this still has a place in human life. “I want to wish you to engage in any business for real, with full dedication, to live and study in full force,” the acting rector concluded.

How intense and interesting student life can be, young activists of the Ukhta State Technical University know firsthand. The chairman of the joint council of students Irina Galimova presented a detailed presentation of the activities of student associations, which, by the way, have 98 at the university. Each of the directions was presented directly by members of student communities.

All associations managed to prove themselves serious projects, many of which are developing with the assistance of grant support. Among the status events are the intensive course “MediaCach” from the USTU news agency, a cycle of educational and adaptive schools for participants in construction teams, as well as many successful volunteer and creative projects.

At the end of the meeting, students were awarded letters of appreciation for their initiative and fruitful work in all areas of activity.