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Second Poetry Recitation Contest for students and postgraduates from Asian and African countries “Victory in the Hearts of Generations”

On the threshold of the Victory Day, the Russian Committee of Solidarity and Cooperation with the peoples of Asia and Africa (RCSCAA) and the RCSCAA Youth Sector announce the Second Poetry Recitation Contest for students and postgraduates from Asian and African countries “Victory in the Hearts of Generations”.

The competition aims at increasing awareness and appreciation of Russian poetry about unequalled heroism of defenders of the Fatherland in The Great Patriotic War among foreign students.


Students of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Specialist’s programs and postgraduate students (both full-time and part-time forms of study) from Asian and African countries, studying at Russian universities in Russian language are invited to participate in the Contest.

Participants will be divided into groups depending on the year of study (as of May 9, 2021):

  • Group 1 – Student of preliminary preparation department or faculty
  • Group 2 – students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of study (Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs)
  • Group 3 – students of the 4th year of study (Bachelor’s programs), 4th and 5th year of study (Specialist’s programs), 1st and 2nd year of study (Master’s programs), graduate students.

Poem recitation requirement

Poems and fragments of Poems in Russian about the Great Patriotic War are accepted for the Contest. Participants should memorize the Poem (contestants are not allowed to read from the text of the Poem). Each contestant are given a maximum of 6 minutes to recite the Poem. The Poem should contain not less than 12 lines.

The Collection of Poems for the Contest is available for download

This Collection contains some of the most famous works on the Great Patriotic War.

The participant can choose one of the Poems presented in this miscellany or any other Poem about the Great Patriotic War.

Participation in the Contest is free.

Russian is the official language of the Contest.


The Contest will be held in absentia.

Until August 15, 2021, contestants must:

  1. Fill out this Application Form
  2. Make a video with the recording of the poetry recitation.


In the Application Form the participant must specify the link for downloading the video file.

The video file with the recording of the poetry recitation must be presented in one of the indicated formats (.avi, .mp4, .wmv). Please upload you video to any of the under-listed cloud storage service: Google Drive, Yandex Disk, Cloud Mail.ru or similar. The video file must be available for download.

The video file must be signed with information about the name and surname of the participant, as well as the title and writer’s name of the selected Poem in Russian (Example – Иванов Иван, стихотворение Парад в сорок первом, Автор Юлия Друнина).

The jury will determine the best performances in each group of participants. Winners and prize winners will be awarded with valuable prizes.

All further questions can be sent to [email protected]. Contact person: Kotova Elizaveta.

All media products of the competition, information and final results will be posted on the website rcscaa.org.


Good luck!