In memory of the Hero of Russia, Alexander Alekseev is dedicated

September 29 for Ukhta State Technical University was the day of memory of Alexander Ivanovich Alekseev – the Colonel of the FSB in the Komi, the Hero of Russia, who was killed in the Chechen Republic. He would be 60 years on September 30, 2012.

A.I. Alekseev finished Ukhta school number 3. From 1970 to 1975 he studied at the Faculty of Forestry Ukhta Industrial Institute, and later he served in the armed forces. In 1977, he went to work in the research sector of UII. Since February 1979 he led the Komsomol organization of the Institute. In 1981, for the active participation in the organization of the student construction teams was awarded the medal "For Labour Merit". In 1982 he was called to serve in the security agency. In February 1996 he was sent on a mission in Grozny. He was killed in the line of duty the special task on August 8, 1996. On September 9 A.I. Alekseev was awarded the title of Hero of Russia - the first in the Komi Republic from the time of the Great Patriotic War. He was buried in Syktyvkar.

Morning of September 29 began with the laying of flowers to the monument of A.I. Alekseev at school № 3. In 11 a.m. there was the opening of the memorial plaque on the building "B" of USTU and was a rally in memory of the Hero of Russia. The event was attended by the widow Elena Mikhailovna Alekseeva, the head of the Federal Security Service of the Republic of Komi, the Major General Alexander Petrovich Kalashnikov, the head of MCUD "Ukhta" Roman Viktorovich Melnik, the Chief of administration of MCUD "Ukhta" Igor Viktorovich Leonov, the deputies of Ukhta city council, and other officials, the friends, the co-workers, the teachers of A.I. Alekseev, the students, the teachers, the employees of the University.

The plaque was opened by R.V. Melnik and A.P. Kalashnikov. Republican chief of the FSB said about the feat of Alexander Alekseev, who, along with co-workers was blocked in the building of the hostel. Alekseev entered into negotiations with the militants, who offered to surrender, gained the time that made it possible to pinpoint the location of the individual groups, and was able to mobilize his troops. The Lieutenant Colonel led the defense of the building for about 23 hours, and was wounded in both legs, but managed to organize the saving of the staff of the hostel. When he was wounded for the third time, he died. By the Order of the FSB of Russia in 2010, the Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Alekseev forever enrolled in the list of Russia's Federal Security Service of Komi.

USTU Rector Nikolai Denisovich Tskhadaya said that on the example of such feats our students should learn the courage, fortitude and patriotism: "We opened a plaque to this amazing man on the wall building" B "not by chance, it is a symbolic solution. Here was the committee of the Komsomol, where UII graduate Alexander Alekseev worked and supervised the student construction brigades. It was he who initiated the transfer of the money earned by the construction brigades for the construction of the memorial sign of Ukhta people who died in the Great Patriotic War. In our university, we will do everything to save the memory of him forever."

The participants paid the tribute to the memory of Alexander Alekseev with moment of silence and laid flowers to the memorial plaque.

The solemn events ended with a concert dedicated to the memory of the Hero of Russia. The concert, which was held at the congress hall of Ukhta State University, was fully prepared by the staff of the University. The dance groups "Duet" and "United bits", famous in the city and country singers Anesh Janelidze, Aleksey Isakov, Yuri Dublennikov, Movses Arakelyan, the songwriter Tatiana Bezgodova took part in the concert. The concert was opened by the choir "Candlemas" of the house church of Saints Cyril and Methodius in USTU.

The day before, on September 28, at the central city library was the presentation of the book about Alexander Alekseev, "I'll take the command myself." The authors of the book are an honorary citizen of Ukhta, Komi Republic honored teacher, the local historian Raisa Leonidovna Popova and school friend of A.I. Alekseev, an employee of the Institute "Pechornipineft" Petr Nikolaevich Kokin.