The city without any problems

To solve the problems of the Russian cities, drawing on international experience is the future plan of the graduate of the Department of Architecture of USTU Arthur Kozhevin. He described his professional interests in the project "The reconstruction of the Prospect of Cosmonauts of Ukhta," which took the third place in Komi Republic review "The Architecture 2012."

According to the author, Ukhta Avenue will become the starting point of the development in the environmental area. In the reconstruction will be used all the modern technology and global trends in not only building materials but also in the social principles of the organization of the space. The project raises the new questions to the small northern town: for example, why not to increase the energy efficiency by building so-called "zero homes" (which provide energy themselves)? "Ecological city planning ideas is traditionally conveniently put into a warm climate, - said Arthur Kozhevin. – It is difficult for us to build the ecological buildings, but it’s still possible! "

As the author noted, the project is the pure idea ​​ and it is very far from the reality. The latest technology in Russia is slowly being introduced because of the high cost. Still to find the solutions to the problems of the cities work research teams of architects, sociologists, ecologists, and other experts. Arthur Kozhevin is going to join them and continue his education at the Moscow International Media Institute "Strelka."

Another winner of the review "Architecture", USTU graduate Aleksey Garshtya (his thesis "The updating of the typology of housing in Ukhta in a socio-urban context," won the first place) decided to do research work and now exams in the postgraduate centre of St. Petersburg State Architecture and Construction University.