Ukhta State Technical University representatives of the poetry club participated in the eighth poetic relay of RK Union of Writers

Traditional poetic marathon was held in Syktyvkar, onMarch 28, 2013. The poems of poets from all over the republic were heard in the museum of Ivan Kuratov for ten hours without a break. This time the event was dedicated to the memory of the national poet of Komi Republic Albert Vaneev.

Ukhta University was represented by a delegation of five people: students Victoria Naumenko and Vladimir Haas, a graduate student Konstantin Rochev, Ukhta technical lyceum student Tatiana Chuprova, Head of the Poetry Club Inga Karabinskaya and creative participant of such meetings, the author of several books of poetry Evelyn Pizhenko. Participation of Ukhta poets in the marathon has become a tradition. Organizers of the event are the Union of Writers of Komi Republic, who invariably emphasizes their interest in engaging young authors. Members of USTU Poetry Club proved that they are strong, notable poets, meeting the requirements of modern literature. In general, a relatively large "young" poetic assault can call feature of the seventh and eighth relay: at the event there were representatives of youth literary associations of several cities of Komi.

On the photo (left to right) there are: Deputy Chairman of the Union of Writers of RK Andrei Popov, Evelyn Pizhenko (Borovoi village), the national poet of Komi Republic Nadezhda Miroshnichenko, Head of USTU Poetry Club Inga Karabinskaya (Ukhta).

Photo by Konstantin Badokin

Сhanged: 27 June, 2017 - 15:05