USTU student friends meeting

More than 60 alumni and faculty gathered in the evening, in the lobby of the main hall, on June 12. Matured students, including leaders of the forestry, construction, oil and gas companies, and directors of banks were happy: they have embraced each other, furtively wiped away tears of joy, shouting out the names of their classmates.

The participants were invited to the university museum, where their "guides" were the dean of Architecture and Civil Engineering Department, Vladimir Pantileenko, and director of the Institute of Economics, Tatiana Kaneva. USTU Chief Marketing Officer, Andrei Pulkin, showed the visitors name auditoriums and showed them to the Congress Hall.

The meeting continued in the entertainment complex "Planet". Newsreels of 60s, interviews of “elochki – economists” and builders about fun student weddings, about students’ “kartoshka”, traditional performance event, “kapustnik”, students volunteer construction teams’ everyday life flashed on the screen.

Your lecturers answered an invitation and stayed forever. It is a feat. Anything first is sacred, and for life, said USTU rector, Nikolai Tskhadaya, to the former students. At Ukhta Industrial Institute the emphases was made not only on preparing of competent professionals, but on people who widely and freely think, can work in various fields of industry, science, management, financial services, and you proved it. I am pleased that this meeting took place. I am happy to see your bright faces!

Expressive dance of «United BIT», a theatrical production, "Teremok", by theater studio "Fresco" and performance of USTU art groups helped guests to plunge into the half-forgotten student atmosphere.