The entire relationship between the student and future employer is the key to successful employment

On Monday, October 1, at a meeting between representative of "LUKOIL- Komi" and USTU students they discussed how to get a scholarship, to take Student Practice in "LUKOIL" Company, or to become an intern perspective of a major oil company.

Scholarship students of Ukhta State Technical University were invited to the meeting with Julia Baranova, specialist of assessment and development Department of LLC "LUKOIL- Komi". Students had an opportunity to talk with their future potential employer about the prospects of the company, they also concluded contract on the future practice and possible employment at LLC "LUKOIL- Komi" after their graduation.

At thistime, following summer examinations, scholarship students of LLC "LUKOIL -Komi" were 18 our university students of oil and gas specialties, from the third to the fifth year of study, applying for the first time or to reaffirm the right to receive scholarships from the charity fund of "LUKOIL". To become a scholar of "LUKOIL- Komi" students need to study well, have the highest average score on the results of the session and engage in research activities, and actively take part in various activities of the university. "It is important not only to study well, but to develop, to be active", Julia Baranova said, "Ukhta State Technical University has long friendly relations with LLC "LUKOIL -Komi", and USTU alumni very often recruit of employees of our company".

Сhanged: 27 June, 2017 - 15:05