Victorious Games of Hockey Players

 On 10-11 January, at Ukhta Ice Palace named after Sergei Kapustin, took place the Russian ice Hockey Championships between women's teams. Old rivals met at the ice arena. They were ice hockey team "Arctic University" and "Tyumen Foxes".

These matches were decisive for Ukhta club. "Tyumen Foxes" team was ahead of "Arctic University" in the championship standings just in one line, and much depended on the outcome of these meetings.

During the first day, the guests opened the scoring. Alena Batalova scored perfect goal to the gate of Alena Kropacheva seven minutes into the match. However, after a few minutes the gate of "Foxes" missed the puck. The first period ended with the score 2:2. In the second period of the game "Foxes" were the best, and the score was 4:3. During the third period of the match Ukhta hockey players could level the match. 12 minutes into the match, Karina Verkhovtseva scored the puck to Tyumen team. One minute before the end of the match, "Foxes" coach took a timeout in hopes to rectify the situation and change the course of the meeting, but in vain. In a few seconds, winning puck of Ieva Petersone was at the gates of the Tyumen players. The score was 5-4 in favor of "Arctic University" team.

On the second day, passions were rising. Ukhta players controlled opponents from the first minutes of the game. They played solidly, performing all the settings of the coaching staff. Having played a clever combination, "AU" scored the first goal. The onslaught continued in the second and third periods, where Fanuza Kadirova (pictured) scored two more goals. Five minutes before the end of the period Ukhta palyers earned double deletion: Leisan Iskhakova for slashing and Anastasia Legkodukh for holding an opponent. Alena Kropacheva gates were doomed, and, taking advantage, "Foxes" narrowed the gap to one goal and the score was 3-2 in favor of "AU". However, harmonious and selfless game of Ukhta team led them to another victory - 5:2.

According to head coach of Ukhta team, Sergei Stolbun, it was very difficult for the team to win, there were many mistakes. The most important thing here is that they have won! Club and the fans deserved it. Now women’s hockey team "Arctic University" took the ninth place in Russian championship standings.