The School of tutors of international students got started!

22nd March. Tuesday. 5:00 pm. International Department. The grand opening of the School of tutors of international students. The intake of students, who want to be tutors of international students, was announced at the beginning of February this year. Not many prospective tutors managed to apply for the course, probably because of the very limited period of time for applying. But it is worth noticing that the School of tutors has opened for the first time, that’s why we can suppose the most part of people was kind of curious, but hesitated to show their interest due to that fact they haven’t heard about it before.

The idea to organize the School of tutors was predictive. It became of frequent occurrence, which happened logically. The opening of the preparatory course arranged by International Department attracted many students from far abroad countries, who decided to learn Russian and have lessons in Maths, Physics and Computer Science to be able to continue their study at USTU at degree programs. Students, who come to the North town of Ukhta from hot countries, don’t know the Russian language and have a dim idea of the Russian character and Russia in the whole. But it could be very complicated for them to get used to new conditions without minimum knowledge of Russian and social support. To avoid the abovementioned difficulties there will be tutors – main helpers of the International Department team, who are always there for international students, whose task is to make the adaptation easier and less stressful.