Keep your fingers crossed!

Nevertheless the summer has come to the town of Ukhta, our international students have no time for holidays yet. Two out of three groups of international students, who study at the preparatory department, passed their first exams successfully. And we would like to congratulate them, because they did study hard during the year to achieve good results.

Their first exam was the Russian language. It consisted of 5 parts: lexis & grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. And it took them two days to pass the longest exam in their lives ever.

The group № 1, which was the first one to start their lessons in Russian, took the exam on 4-5 June. The group № 2 followed them and showed their skills in Russian on 14-15 June. The turn of the group № 3 will be in the middle of July. So the guys still have some time to prepare for their exams properly.

But this is the beginning of a quite stressful number of tests and exams. Apart from the Russian language, our international students are going to have tests in Maths, Physics and Informatics. Only after passing all the exams they will get the Certificate of the preparatory department with their results, which can be used for finding a bachelor or master degree at USTU. And again there will be sleepless nights, hours spent on learning from textbooks and the Internet to pass entrance exams for getting admitted as bachelor or master students.

The team of the international department believes that the guys will be patient enough to stand that knowledge struggle and succeed!