The English Club. Return.

September is not only the month marking the beginning of the school year in Russia, but also the most suitable time to open new opportunities in terms of education. For example, on one of the last days of the autumn month, on 29th September, 2016, at 5 pm at the international department of USTU (office 321/1 "A") the English Club was re-launched. And, therefore, all the fans of one of the world's most widely spoken languages and those who want to practice their skills in it can join the club again and talk with native speakers every Thursday at 5 pm at the international department. At this time, the organizer of the event was Sarah Jean Mills - Fulbright teaching assistant, arrived at Ukhta from the USA about 2 weeks ago.
It is worth to recall that last year, the work the English Club was managed by two young teachers from the USA (Katheryn Bascom and Victoria Pardini) who also came to USTU on the same Fulbright program.
A notable aspect of the opening of the English Club became a Skype link-up with Victoria Pardini, who welcomed all the participants of the club from California (USA) and wished them patience in reaching new peaks of the language. After that she passed the baton of the club organization for the entire academic year to Sarah.
It should be noted that сlub meetings are arranged in an informal format: these are not the English classes, which fill up your vocabulary and teach grammar rules, on the contrary, they are conversations on various topics, filled with fascinating language games and positive mood. As with all clubs and associations, there is one rule at the English Club: always speak English.