USTU international students visited Sosnogorsk

Everyone knows that learning a foreign language is one of the important subjects at school, but the majority of students are skeptical about this statement, because they can't use their knowledge in practice. Especially when it comes to learning the French language.

To demolish this view, on 29th October, 2016 the concert in French was organized at Sosnogorsk Gymnasium, where four USTU international students from DR Congo, accompanied by a coordinator of the international department Shevchenko L. V. were treated as special guests. It is worth to say that the official language in DR Congo is French. Therefore, an event organized by the pupils of the gymnasium under the direction of their French teacher Udalova N. A. and with the support of the administration of the gymnasium in the person of Krivenko O. V., was very important.

In addition to songs, poems and a short play in French, the meeting was filled with live communication with native speakers. After the concert, the word was given to students from DR Congo, who thanked everyone for the warm welcome and high attention to them, they expressed their excitement about studing at USTU and his life in Russia. The event ended with a traditional tea party at which international students sang a number of songs in the French language with a guitar.

On the way back home to Ukhta organizers of the event showed some sightseeings of Sosnogorsk.

All what was planned turned to be home cosy, friendly, funny and thanks to USTU it got international.