The international day of tea

Unofficial festival initiated by the Indians and the Brazilians is celebrated not only by the world's tea producers, but also by consumers of this popular beverage.

On 15th December for students studying Russian as a foreign language at the preparatory department of Ukhta University a tea party was organized by teachers Svirchevskaya Nadezhda and Valentina Sangadzhieva.

On this day new vocabulary was learned and mastered by students from Africa and Asia in practice.

"Now I know what samovar is not only from the pictures", - says Tevin from Zimbabwe. His fellow countryman Mufaro liked sushki and baranki (Russian dry bread), which are usually served at the tea table. Nelson from Ghana got interested in how samovar is constructed and how it works. Later he carefully copied in his notebook the names of parts of the Russian kettle.

Yank from Congo, whose dream is to become a computer programmer, promptly found information on the cost of modern and vintage samovars,  on the Internet . After discovering prices, he decided that a set of wooden dolls called matryoshka would be a better option of souvenirs for relatives.