Poetry Night at USTU

On 14th April, 2017, an unusual Poetry Night was held in the history museum of the USTU. The organizers of the conference were the International Department. Poems of the classical Russian literature were recited by students from DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, India and Ghana, who study at the university in the preparatory course.

In such a creative form the students took an test in the course of phonetics taught by the graduate of the College of Lewis and Clark, the teacher of English Sarah Jean Mills.

In the performance of international students, more than ten poetic works of great Russian poets were recited such as A. S. Pushkin, B. L. Pasternak, V. S. Vysotsky and others. It is worth noticing that the readers themselves came up to the event with full creative feedback and artistry; Energy so captivated both artists and spectators that the meeting continued spontaneously with performing of the most famous Russian song "Kukushka" by V. Tsoi and several other folk songs thanks to friendly support of the audience.

However, the bearers of the great and powerful language had the last word: at the conclusion of the Poetry Night coordinator of the International Department L. Shevchenko recited a poem in English written by herself.