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The School of tutors of international students got started!

22nd March. Tuesday. 5:00 pm. International Department. The grand opening of the School of tutors of international students. The intake of students, who want to be tutors of international students, was announced at the beginning of February this year. Not many prospective tutors managed to apply for the course, probably because of the very limited period of time for applying.


Interview with African Students at Ukhta University

Do you want to know how African Students live in Russia and Ukhta? Just watch the video below.


Reasons to study at USTU

Nothing happens accidentally. Everything has got its own reasons. Especially when it comes to study. Why to study at USTU? Follow the link and get the answer:



The Day of Love at USTU

As a rule after any event is finished, USTU reporter takes a pen and starts describing it from his point of view. Now we made up our mind to change the way of expanding a topic and gave a chance to one of our international students to share his empressions about how the day of love was celebrated at USTU.

A-18-year-old international student Oyeranmi Samson Gbolahan, who came to Ukhta from Nigeria, kindly agreed to help us.


One day of an international student at USTU

Students who want to study abroad always hesitate before making the last decision, because they don't know for sure how their life will go in a different country. But if you decide to study at USTU, it will be easy to choose our university, because now you can have a look at one day of an international student at USTU. Let's watch it now!



International Mother Language Day

Dear friends! Today 21st February, the International Mother Language Day is celebrated. It was announced by UNESCO on 17 November 1999. Ukhta State Technical University is a choice of more than 500 international students all around the world (30 countries from Europe, Africa, Asia and America) and 15 000 Russian students. Can you imagine students at Ukhta University speak more than 50 languages! We are really proud to be a part of so multicultural and multilingual atmosphere at Ukhta.


"Young Republic": student forum in Syktyvkar

On 17th February, the Republican Student Forum “Young Republic” was held in Syktyvkar.  The forum was devoted to the 95th anniversary of the Komi Republic and the day of student unions.


School of active student group

The elective course for active students of USTU was organized by student union at Ukhta State Technical University in the middle of December, 2015. This course gives a wide range of opportunities for students to develop many skills and abilities.


Christmas morning at the production-and-training center "Gazprom transgaz Ukhta"

People say that Christmas holidays are filled with special feeling of expecting something good and magical. It may be said that Christmas morning for our international students started in a magical way as well – they went to have an excursion at the production-and-training center  "Gazprom transgaz Ukhta", where training, retraining and advanced training in different areas of gas transportation is carried out.


We wish you a Merry Christmas!

On 25th December the Christmas musical project arranged by International Department was presented in the museum hall of USTU.

The US teachers Katie Bascom and Victoria Pardini celebrated Christmas in Russia for the first time. They made their minds to share magical spirit of the most favourite holiday in the USA with everyone. That was how the idea of this international project appeared.