An exhibition of paintings of Eros Kuznetsov was opened in USTU

Amazing gift was received in Tatiana's Day by the students and staff of the University of Ukhta: on January 25, the exposition of works of the famous artist Eros Vasilyevich Kuznetsov was opened in the lobby of the main building.

All of the paintings, as well as personal diaries and archival material of the artist is the property of a private collector Boris Yegorovich Bumagin, who was friends with icon painter Yuri Kuznetsov, the son of E.V.  Kuznetsov.

According to Boris Egorovich, according to the memoirs of the son and other members of the family of the painter, Eros Vasilyevich was always modest; however, he had creative courage. One example of this is his oil paintings and watercolor landscapes, lively and bright, as if they are filled with spring freshness. "He never wrote by rules, or to please someone, said Boris Bumagin. - That is why his art is truly unique."

Purely organic arts and sciences at the university were noted by the rector, Professor N.D. Tskhadaya. "This is the component which to our engineering staff lucks of this, said Nikolai Denisovich. - Of course, saying this, I think introduction to the art is important above all of our architects, but also for other. "In the context of the integration of art and engineering Rector also touched one of the most pressing issues for Ukhta painters - the problem of the lack of space and the lack of city exhibition halls, the opportunity of the artists to participate in university community. "We have a lot of talent, but they have no place where they can turn around and show their skills. We should discuss the possibility of a permanent gallery at our museum ", summed Nikolai Denisovich.

Art collection of the artistic dynasty Kuznetsov is only a small part of the collection of B. E. Bumagin. It contains the works of great artists: Bogaevskiy, Bogolyubov, Morozov, Yakovlev, Romas and others. This truly priceless treasure Boris Egorovich has been gathering for more than 40 years and he shared the art free of charge. It gives hope to continue the best traditions of Russian patronage and many new meetings with masterpieces of the brush.