Growth House Gave First Tulips for all Women

First, on Wednesday, on March 5, at the tulip house of "Planet University" sanatorium, fresh flowers were cut. Purple and gold tulips bloomed on the eve of March 8 in greenhouse of Ukhta University.

The Rector of the university, the initiator of the new agricultural project, Nikolai Tskhadaya paid special attention to this fact.

"Tulips have distinctive flavor, they are symbol of spring, purity and excellent mood”,said Nikolai Tskhadaya. “My dream has come true. We will give lovely ladies tulips grown our caring hands. Let them give joy. USTU is the only university in Russia, which grows flowers for the spring holiday. Our plans are to create a real palette of cultivars, to create hothouse flowers collection. We would like to see University students taking part in this truly noble cause”.

USTU Rector, like a real gentleman, gave the right to cut the first tulip to skilled landscapers Olga Ionova. It was she, who during the long winter took care of whimsical plants and grew them for the spring holiday. Now, it is hot time in the greenhouse: more than one thousand flowers are being preparing to a festive evening sending for the ladies of the University. However, the second tulip was cut by the Rector himself.

Grown in the greenhouse flowers stay fresh much longer because they are not imported from the Netherlands and China. The flower house is full of bright colors not only of tulips and potted flowers, but also of ripe strawberries, tomatoes, radishes. Last year, at the University, they grew the first berry, watermelon with a diameter of 15 cm.

Сhanged: 27 June, 2017 - 15:05