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Problems of Development and Exploitation of Heavy Oil and Bitumen

On November 13 the opening and plenary session of the Scientific and Technical Conference "Problems of development and exploitation of heavy oil and bitumen" took place at Ukhta State Technical University. The conference will last two days; all in all, more than 60 reports are to be presented in the sections.

Opening the plenary session, USTU Vice Rector for Research and Innovation Vladislav Kuleshov noted that this forum every year reinforces its position as one of the important scientific and technical traditions of the University, which is due to the relevant topic for oil developments taking place at the unique fields of Timan-Pechora oil-and gas-bearing province.

Guests and participants of the conference watched a special video about the history of the industrial development of the Ukhta District, scientific research and methodological work at USTU concerning development of high viscosity oil fields.

USTU Rector, Professor Nikolay Tskhadaya noted a huge role of Innovation and Education Center of Heavy Oil and Bitumen, and personally L.M. Ruzin, Professor at the Department of Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields, Doctor of Technical Science. According to the rector, in the future, the work of this center will have not only regional but also global significance.

In his welcome address to the audience Mr. Tskhadaya convincingly spoke about the relevance of "reset" of scientific and technical activities of the University, in particular, of key conferences and forums in the full innovative format.

"The main purpose of these upgrades is to make forums really effective from the standpoint of practical results, to move from "novation" to "innovation" not in words, but in fact. This can be done with a clear understanding of the goals and objectives, as well as based on the integration of research organizations, industrial companies, government agencies," said N.D. Tskhadaya.

The forum is attended by representatives of leading oil producing and refining companies, universities - representatives of the oil and gas and mineral resource consortium, research and design institutes.

More info: http://en.ugtu.net/heavy-oil-and-bitumen