Internship at international departments of the USA on Fulbright Program RIEA

The head of the international department of USTU Anton Grigoriev successfully passed the competition in the framework of the Fulbright Program for the International Education Administrators Program (RIEA) in autumn, 2017 and in mid-January, 2018 he started internship at the universities of the United States of America. The RIEA program offers an intensive three-month internship in the USA, which consists of several stages. In total, eight representatives of international departments of various universities of Russia have been selected this year.

The purpose of the Fulbright RIEA program is to enhance the professional skills of Russian higher education institutions, who interact with international students and teachers, including faculty and students from the United States. The program is meant to enlarge knowledge of Russian specialists of international departments in the field of academic exchange, medical insurance, security requirements, intercultural communication and language practice. The exchange of professional experience is an important part of the program.

Now Anton Grigoriev studies the academic component of the program at the University of Indiana (Bloomington, Indiana state During four weeks, he has an opportunity to get acquainted with the system of higher education in the United States and the work of international departments in American universities. Anton takes part in seminars and discussions organized by the staff of the University of Indiana. The main topics of the discussion are intercultural communication, strategy and tactics for attracting international students, health insurance and medical services, security issues, visa and financial issues.

For the colleagues from the USA, all participants of the program conducted presentations of their universities (including USTU), where they told about the current level of internationalization, work with international students and teachers, academic mobility and other projects in the field of international education and science.

Upon completion of the academic component of the program, Anton will participate in several major US conferences on international cooperation, visit several universities, including one partner university in the framework of the networking week, and also will have a practical component,  working in the international department of one of the leading universities in America during a month. The whole program will last 3 months (from mid-January to mid-April).

Information: Ukhta State Technical University in accordance with the Information and Analytical Materials on the results of monitoring the effectiveness of educational institutions of higher education in 2017, in the section of "International Activities" has a score of 11.78 (with a threshold value of 1), which indicates as high university activity in the international part. For more information on international activities, please visit the USTU website: and in English

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