Why do rectors fly?

In Knowledge Day the first year students of the Department of Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection (IS&ES) USTU came from the ship to the ball. After the traditional meeting, they took part in the opening of the nominal audience, computer room and the recreation of "RN-Severnaya Neft".

A pleasant surprise for yesterday's schoolchildren was the communicating with the CEO, philanthropist Sergey Nesterenko, the president of the Union of Cities Arctic and the Far North, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Igor Shpektor and other senior leaders.

"I want to fly!" - admitted USTU Rector Nikolai Tskhadaya taking another gift to the university from "RN-Severnaya Neft". According to him, the company helps the university, like no other else: for example, "the hardest time for the university" it provided substantial financial assistance in the reconstruction of sports complex "Burevestnik."

This year, with the funds of "RN-Severnaya Neft" USTU recreation was fully renovated on the second floor of the main building, including the trade union the committee corridor and a large staircase. The corridors are decorated with corporate style in yellow color. There are an information clearly illustrated stands on the walls. No less colorful decoration are there in the classroom of laboratory studies of the department and a computer room for 10 people, which includes cards made with light, video projector; there are examples of equipment used in the enterprise.

 After handing the key to the upgraded rooms to the university, Sergei Nesterenko told about the plans of "RN-Severnaya Neft" to increase oil production in Komi. The requirement for highly qualified professionals, including in the field of industrial safety will increase. The Minister of Industry, Transport and Communications of the Republic Andrei Samodelkin jokingly suggested that the head of the "Severnaya Neft" "deals selfish and thinks primarily about the future of his company."

Igor Shpektor stressed that thanks to social partnership of education and manufacturing Russian universities become "ultra-modern and equipped just as well as Harvard." Also, the ex-mayor of Vorkuta suggested that "we need to encourage young people to make in love," and to give it something substantial like new apartments or renovated classrooms.

Youth is solidarity with Shpektor: for example, the five year student of the Department of IS & ES Tatiana Balakhonova noticed that a computer class at the graduation rate will be very useful. Visual aids, personal protective equipment are also useful in study.

"The opening of new classrooms was very soulful - said first year student of the Department Julia Mirzabekova. - This meeting inspired me, I want to learn and strive for something!