«We don’t have the right to forget these people…»

On October 31, at the "L" Hall of Ukhta State Technical University, there was a solemn opening of a student library named after Y. A. Spiridonov, an event dedicated to 75th anniversary of the first Head of Komi Republic, the deputy of the State Duma of the fourth convocation, Professor of Ukhta State Technical University, Yuri Alekseevich Spiridonov.

The right to cut the symbolic ribbon was given to the rector of Ukhta State Technical University, N.D. Tskhadaya and director of USTU library and information center, N.N. Kodaneva. There was a memorable speech, memories of Yuri Alekseevich’s associates, colleagues and close friends about his life and work to the glory of Komi Republic.

Honorary guests of the event were I.N. Mikhel, the Head of Administration of Municipal District Urban District, "Ukhta"; R.V. Miller, the Chairman of the Board of Municipal District Urban District, "Ukhta"; Professor G.F. Fironov, Chairman of Ukhta Peace Committee and Ukhta branch of the Russian Foundation for Peace; N.M. Yarapov, General Director of JSC "Uhtagorproekt"; V.V. Saveshkin, the Head of Ukhta housing and public utilities; E. M. Alekseev, the Director of municipal unitary enterprise "Gorzelenhoz"; V.M. Lebedev, the Chairman of Ukhta Board of veterans. The meeting was attended by staff, professors and students of the university.

N.D. Tskhadaya shared vivid impressions about Yuri Alekseevich, speaking about him as not only about worthy man of his time, but as a friend, calling him a role model for present generation: "I say quite frankly that I perhaps have never met such restless, working man in my life. I met A. Spiridonov in 1963; we had a long-term friendship since. I well remember his dedication. It seemed to me that he did not waste his time. This restlessness was in everything. "Rest is something we can only dream of", is about him. He defended the interests of the republic at all levels, he was loved and respected by citizens of our republic. I distinctly remember it from numerous joint trips to different parts of Komi Republic. Unfortunately, we begin to think about the depth of one’s personality only when the person is no longer alive".

Yuri Lvovich Zhestarev, an honorary citizen of Ukhta, and the first secretary of Ukhta Party Committee, in the past, talked in the words of Yuri Alekseevich about how he became his godfather: "I "removed" Yury Alekseevich Spiridonov from Yarega mines. He did not want to give up that work at all. I tried to convince him, and finally he began to work as the head of industrial and transport department of Ukhta Municipal Party Committee. On my recommendation, he was promoted to Usinsk. It was a wonderful, sincere, kind, and at the same time he was a very pushy person".

Yuri Alexandrovich Teplov, who for many years worked with Yuri Alekseevich side by side, mentioned that he was not only a respected leader, but also very smart, competent mining engineer: "He knew how to work with people, he could claim, prove, and insist on. Thus, all that is associated with his name is associated with the development of the educational process. This Hall, where we are, was built at the expense of equity of oil and gas industry, which was led by Spiridonov, and L. Y. Zhestarev, who is here today. I want to say thank you to USTU Rector, N.D. Tskhadaya, for holding the memory of Yuri Alexeyevich".

Nikolai Nikolaevich Rulev, the Chairman of regional public organization "Zemlyachestvo Komi", A. Spiridonov’s assistant, expressed his gratitude to USTU Rector for memory that remains at the University of Yuri Alexeyevich. At the end of his speech, on behalf of the fraternities of the Komi Republic in Moscow, he gave a few books as a gift to the student library.

Ukhta University prepared the second part of the book about Yuri Alexeyevich Spiridonov for this significant historical date of Komi Republic. Its author is a journalist, T. T. Novikova. Presentation of the book "Yuri Spiridonov. Creation" will be held on October 1 at the Syktyvkar National Library.