Victory again!

Last Sunday, on 5th June, the football team of USTU staff had a chance to play with another team of international students. This time they were from Serbia, who came to the Ukhta University for a summer practice. There were three friendly games between the teams of USTU staff, students of Serbia and students of Mining & Oil College.

The first meeting was opened by the Serbian National team and the team of Mining & Oil College, which won the game with the score 1-3. As for the second meeting, the team of Mining & Oil College played against the team of USTU staff. The game was finished with the score 2-2, but a number of penalties (0-1) could define the winner - the USTU staff team.

And finally there was a long-awaited meeting of the Serbian National team and the team of USTU. At the beginning of the game the rector said some words to cheer the two teams up and set the start to the football match. No one wanted to lose and two halves of hard struggle proved it. Thanks to the score 8-5 the team of USTU staff won the last game.


Сhanged: 6 June, 2016 - 17:10