The practical training in Serbia

In the period from 31st July  to 8th August, 2016, two students of Ukhta State Technical University, Sergey Slabikov and Pavel Kanev, underwent practical training at the facilities of JSC "NIS Novi Sad". It has become possible thanks to the cooperation between USTU and JSC "NIS Novi Sad" and the Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin", University of Novi Sad (Serbia).

Each of the guys were assigned supervisors who directed them during the internship. Sergey Slabikova’s curator was D.Sc. Ivan Dulic and industrial practice of Pavel Kanev was controlled by Nikola Vukoe - chief engineer of the transport department and Tatyana Zayats - the expert coordinator for cooperation with the institutions.

When the practice finished and the guys returned home they were glad to share their experience with the International Department. According to Sergey Slabikov’s memories, practical work in the company helped him to a deeper understanding of all aspects of geological activities and significantly added his knowledge of the process, got acquainted with new researches.

During the practice he was showed laboratories where he saw the latest developments in this field, as well as he managed to do some physical and chemical experiments. Experts got to know him with the regional geology of Serbia, with a core of boreholes Neogene and Mesozoic complex of Pannonian basin and the phase of the 2D and 3D modeling of geological sections.

Pavel Kanev told that the head office of the company is located in Novi Sad, he visited the Mechanical and oil production department, saw the process work and construction of coherent interactions of employees, as well as theoretical aspects of their profession.

He was pleasantly surprised to see Russian colleagues living and working in the head office of the company. This meeting allowed him to discuss all the questions in the learning process and writing a thesis with the professionals right down to the smallest detail.

During the following days he visited and learned the processes of equipment operation, oil and gas treatment, transportation of fluids and storage processes, and fire protection system in the shop Middle Banat, located in the village Elemir.

In general, the guys evaluate their practice as successful. They were able to realize all planned goals and objectives, to gain invaluable practical experience and skills. They expressed gratitude to the University for the opportunity to visit the international company.

Сhanged: 29 August, 2016 - 16:44