The meeting with first year international students

On 11th October, 2016 in the main building of USTU there was the meeting with 1st yearstudents, arrived in our university from countries near and far abroad.

The questions directly related to the future life of students from abroad and the rules of their stay in the Russian Federation were discussed during the meeting.

The event began with a presentation of Vice-Rector for External Affairs Georgiy Vladimirovich Korshunov. He warmly greeted the students and told them about the upcoming prospects, as well as the possibilities of their participation in various areas of student activities such as education, sports, science, and culture.

The next part of the meeting was devoted to the important issues related to the following the laws of the Russian Federation by foreign citizens. After all, every foreign citizen arriving in another country, must know the laws of the country in which a student is observing certain principles of ethics: optimism, patriotism and humanism. The international students were introduced to useful information, setting the rules of migration registration, the Russian Federation laws, the possibility of obtaining a temporary residence permit, residence permit and Russian citizenship.

Сhanged: 14 October, 2016 - 14:48